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30 Days of Gratitude

Storytelling provides a new way to express your gratitude and also the opportunity for that person, place or thing to be appreciated anew. Maybe your story will even inspire someone to thank a person they’ve taken for granted or realize the value in something they never fully appreciated.  The list is mostly just a way to motivate me (and you) to reflect on what we have and to stay present so that we can acknowledge more.

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Memories to Record this October

The weather is changing and Fall colors everywhere. It’s the perfect time to get out and take some family photos, get in an end of year back yard cook out or just take a walk and enjoy the colors and crisp Fall air. These are some activities that the boys and I look forward to every year to begin our holiday season. (Read More)

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Snapshot of Our Week - Camp Duncan

This week we went to Camp Duncan in Ingleside, IL for an of summer party. The boys had never been to the forest before, so I was pretty excited for them to experience the woods. We’ve been thinking about renting a cabin and going camping one weekend and used this as an opportunity to test it out.

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Owning Your Story

Owning your story is more than just admitting your faults, failures and other not so good aspects of your life. It is also about realizing our own value. When we don't own our story, we lack the belief in who we are and what we're doing. We often tend to trivialize our achievements, and ignore the parts of us that others see as assets.

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