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Chicago Children and Family Photographer

Memories to Record this June

Hello June

It seemed like winter would never end in Chicago.  April temperatures were in the 40's for most of Spring and there was snow. Mays temperatures were promising, but it wasn't until the week of  Memorial Day that temperatures reached the 80's and 90's (with no rain) and it feels like summer!

My oldest has school until June 19th because snow days last year. Summer camp starts a week after. I'm considering enrolling the 3 year old in a toddler summer camp to get him ready for preschool this fall. 

This summer will be filled with mini-adventures for us. We are working on a family summer bucket list, which may include our first family road trip.  I'm terrified of the idea of a road trip with the boys, but excited to see what happens. Have you done any family road trips, any tips will be greatly appreciated. 

Memories to Record this June

  • last day of school

  • leaving for summer camp

  • summer decor

  • gardening and lawn mowing

  • riding bikes, scooters or skating

  • a trip to the playground

  • a lazy afternoon

  • outdoor eating

  • summer job

  • books

  • chores

June Theme Calendar

June 1    National Donut Day    #NationalDonutDay

June 8    Best Friends Day    #BestFriendsDay

June 17  Father's Day    #FatherDay

Jun 21    First Day of Summer    #FirstDayofSummer

Jun 21   National Selfie Day    #NationalSelfieDay

What are your plans for this June? Any tips on road trips? Let me know of your start of summer plans in the comments.