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Chicago Children and Family Photographer

Chicago Street Photography | Clickin Walk 2018

Cool Guys-5.jpg

Every year Clickin’ Moms has a worldwide event called Clickin Walk. In cities all over the world photographers come together and participate in practicing street photography.

I cohosted a walk in downtown Chicago. Street photography is something I’ve always wanted to try and this was the perfect way to get started. It was not raining (thankfully) but it was chilly downtown near the lake. Lower temperatures aside, there were tons of people out this day and I discovered I have a knack for walking up to complete strangers to ask for a photo. My favorite part of the day was when I saw a group of guys walking across the street and I stopped them to ask for a photo and it became a full on fashion shoot. Street photography forces you to slow down and observe the world and people around you for interesting moments to capture. This is something I’ll definitely do again when I’m in a creative rut.

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